Portugese Instructive Social Club Inc

History of the PISC
A group of Portuguese people consolidated in Elizabeth, New Jersey anxious to honor and serve the name of Portugal, met on March 10, 1992 to establish a club, for which they worked at and continued to work at with loving tenacity.

This Club, which it initially maintained an address at 163 First Street, later came to be incorporated in 1925, according to the laws of the State of New Jersey, under the name of Clube Sócial Português, which became the center meeting place for its members and become the “Social Heart” of the Portuguese colony of this city and its neighboring cities.

Being later re-incorporated under a name which better expressed its function, not just social, but also educational, came to be called Portuguese Instructive Social Club, Inc. For the Portuguese, this was the only secure and direct approach in capturing respect and consideration in this vast country, a strong nucleus of camaraderie exists in this organization, in its cultural endeavor, and finally in its loyal integration with the nation that opened its doors to them. It is for this goal we should all work towards achieving.

Portugese Instructive Social Club Inc
417 Us Highway 1, Elizabeth, NJ 07202
(908) 355-1222

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